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University Philosophy

GWANGJU University
  • Founding spirit

    Dr. Kim, In-Kon also known as Hosim, overcoming many ordeals and hardship, devoted his whole youth and fortune to founding Gwangju University and other affiliated schools. His founding spirit inherits the authentic educational ideology of the early Korean private academies established and operated to save the nation through education at the critical period of the dawning stage and the Japanese occupation. Dr. Kim likewise intended to bring up competent workers who can contribute to the people? ethical and economical well-being, and to the nation. reunification and prosperity, by embodying the three main educational doctrines.

  • Educational ldeology
    • For the purpose of fostering persons of full capacity who rescue the country and brethren from ignorance and poverty.
    • For the purpose of fostering patient men who achieve self-fulfillment.
    • For the purpose of fostering intellectuals who love democratic world peace.