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Message from the President


Dr. Kim Hyuk-Jong, President, Philosophy김혁종

Over the past decades after its foundation by Dr. Kim In-Kon in 1980, Gwangju University has made great strides in improving its educational and academic performance. And its full fruition has been gained by the university’s will to educate talents of our nation with the foundation philosophy that national prosperity depends on the education of the talents and it is fulfilled by providing the best educational environment.

Gwangju University’s educational aim is to raise students with creative capability, diligence and perseverance, and democratic intelligence. Gwangju University will contribute to the nation and the world through fostering creative and glocally-talented students pioneering the local community innovation.

Gwangju University will reestablish its guiding role as a university providing the sustainable development with its best education services which will help produce the great talents to overcome any future challenges.